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Is “divorce season” a real thing?

On Behalf of | Nov 16, 2021 | Divorce

January has earned the reputation as the month of breakups, with many believing that divorce filings peak after the winter holidays. There is some evidence to suggest that divorce does rise at certain times of the year.

Here is what people considering a split need to know about “divorce season.”

Do divorces peak in January?

According to Business Insider, there are some minor indications that divorce does indeed spike in January, including increases in search engine queries related to the topic. Additionally, a 2016 University of Washington study found that divorces rise from December to January, though this research also identified March and August as the most popular months for a breakup. However, this study only looked at counties in the state of Washington and may not represent nationwide patterns.

Why might divorces rise at certain times of the year?

Though there is no conclusive evidence that divorce is seasonal, there could be some factors that would lead to a higher rate of divorce at certain times of the year.

Many people may wait until after the winter or summer holidays to split up to avoid disrupting these holiday seasons and placing an undue burden on their families at what should be a happy time of year. In some cases, holiday stress and pressure could actually be the capitalist for divorce.

For many people, the new year represents a time to start over and reexamine priorities. This could lead someone to finally file for divorce after months of consideration.

Regardless of when a breakup happens, it is a difficult time for all parties involved. Patience and due diligence can help to ease the transition into a new phase of life.