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Smart financial moves to make amid divorce

On Behalf of | Dec 16, 2021 | Divorce

Unless you already have considerable assets to your name, you may find that it proves difficult to maintain the same quality of life you did while married after an Oklahoma divorce. However, there are certain financial moves you may want to make ahead of your divorce, or while your divorce is ongoing, to minimize the financial strain you feel once things finalize.

What are some of the smart money moves you may want to take to make your life easier after a divorce?

Consider mediation

Mediation may not be appropriate or realistic in all divorce cases. Yet, if you think you and your ex might be able to work with one another one last time to save each of you quite a bit of money, consider divorce mediation as opposed to divorce litigation.

Get a sense of your tax obligations

Divorce has far-reaching implications when it comes to your taxes.  Thus, the more you understand about how a split affects how you file and what you owe, the better.

Adjust your estate plan

You may also need to modify some parts of your estate plan when you split from your Oklahoma spouse. If you gave your former spouse financial power of attorney to handle your debts, bank accounts or other financial affairs, you may not want him or her to have this responsibility moving forward.

A divorce is almost always going to impact you financially. However, you do have at least some degree of control over how much it ultimately impacts your finances.