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What duties does a divorce mediator have?

On Behalf of | May 24, 2022 | Divorce

When going through a divorce – even an uncontested one – it is possible for tempers to flare and for arguments to happen.

In order to avoid these arguments spiraling out of control and derailing the entire divorce process, it is important to consider all of the tools available, such as divorce mediation.

The advice and opinions of mediators

Forbes discusses tips for a more peaceful divorce, which includes considering all options for the divorce. Mediation is one such option that allows for a mediator to help couples through their difficult time.

A mediator serves as a neutral party who provides guidance and advice through the divorce proceedings but does not provide any commands or absolute answers. They do not have the legal power of a judge or an arbitrator, so they cannot enforce legally binding decisions.

They can, however, offer their opinion and advice based on what they see as a neutral observer. They can offer options that no one else thought of due to that unique perspective.

Guidance through tough conversations

They also have training in de-escalation, so they can step in if it looks like an argument has begun to spiral out of control and nip it in the bud. On top of that, they can guide and direct conversations in a way that ensures everyone involved has had a fair amount of time to speak.

No one has to worry about getting drowned out with a good mediator on board. In fact, the entire process of divorce is much easier with the guidance of a practiced mediator.