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Important parenting plan elements to add

On Behalf of | Jan 10, 2023 | Child Custody

When you create a parenting plan for your divorce, it is important to think about things such as visitation schedules, school decisions and the division of expenses. Include holiday schedule details as well as primary residence determinations as well.

In addition to these standard elements, there are some less-common components you should include in your parenting plan as well.

Addressing extracurricular schedules

As children get older, their schedules become more demanding with extracurricular activities, practices and other commitments. Consider how you and your spouse will handle those schedule changes during visitation periods so that your children do not face disruption or miss out on their activities.

Considering contingency plans

With children, sometimes the unpredictable happens. Whether your child wakes up sick or their sports team makes it to the national championships, it is important that you have allowances for contingencies. This ensures that you both have a clear understanding of the expectations in disruptive situations.

Establishing electronic device expectations

Cell phones, tablets and other electronic devices are increasingly common for kids of all ages. These devices open up more avenues of communication for children and their parents. Consider this as you write your parenting plan, including clear expectations for permissible communication. This prevents one parent from monopolizing time messaging and calling during the other parent’s visitation time.

These are things that many people do not think of when they create a parenting plan. Expect the unexpected and cover these less-common considerations for a comprehensive parenting plan that reduces your chances of needing a return to court.