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Should you seek spousal support?

On Behalf of | Jul 10, 2023 | Divorce

Oklahoma allows for the award of spousal support during and after a divorce proceeding when one spouse faces an economic disparity compared to the other. Spousal support is not guaranteed, nor is it automatic. Certain circumstances warrant the award of support, whether only for the duration of the proceedings or for a period of time after the divorce as well.

The more you understand about spousal support eligibility, the easier it is to see when you should pursue it.

How long were you married?

One factor that contributes to spousal support determinations is the length of your marriage. The longer your marriage lasted, the more likely you are to qualify for spousal support. This is particularly true if you spent much of that marriage out of the workforce for any reason.

Can you earn an income?

Another important consideration is your ability to earn an income. Those with physical or mental disabilities, older adults who spent most of their adult years out of the workforce, and those still caring for minor children may need additional financial support.

Is there an educational disparity?

In some marriages, one spouse agrees to stay home and maintain the household, supporting the other spouse in their efforts toward higher education and a career trajectory. In those cases, the educational disparity and professional achievements contribute to spousal support determinations.

Consider these factors along with your personal needs when considering whether you should pursue spousal support. The judge will assess the big picture and consider the entire duration of your marriage in the decision process.