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Considering Children’s Needs During Adoption

In our years of adoption law practice, we have come to realize how fragile the emotions and general well-being of children can be. When we help parents and families, the best interests of the children are always foremost in my mind. While the court requires several background checks by various agencies to ensure there is nothing of concern in the adoptive parent’s history before issuing an order of adoption, we feel it also necessary to be mindful of the children’s well-being during the process as well.

Guiding Families Through The Adoption Process

The adoption process can be lengthy and complex. When we guide parents through the process, I make sure they know what to expect, where we are in the process and answering any question they may have along the way. We help parents who are just starting the process, but can also assist at any point from start to finish. Services we provide include:

  • Preparing and filing paperwork
  • Assisting with background checks
  • Representing parents at hearings

Many of our adoption clients begin the process on their own and come to me when they hit a roadblock. We are happy to lend assistance at any time.

Independent And Step-Parent Adoption

Adoptions take place in various forms with two of the most common being independent and step parent adoption. Independent adoption occurs when adoptive families find children on their own or with the help of an intermediary such as an adoption agency, a pastor, or a family friend. In a step-parent adoption, the adoptive family is one of the birth parents and their new spouse.

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